Travel and Tourism: Finding the Perfect Place to Stay
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Travel and Tourism: Finding the Perfect Place to Stay

If you are planning your next trip, you will want to make sure that you book the perfect place to stay. My name is Ben and this is my travel and tourism blog. In the past, I have often booked the holiday accommodation which was offered to me when I searched online. However, when I planned a holiday with my brother Brian, he recommended that I use a travel company. The company specialise in finding accommodation which perfectly suits their customer's needs. I was really impressed with the accommodation which was offered to me so I decided to start this blog.


Travel and Tourism: Finding the Perfect Place to Stay

Bucks, Hens and Party Buses: How to Ensure the Perfect Night

Lawrence Johnston

If you've been entrusted to plan your best friend's buck or hen night, you'll know there's a lot of responsibility on your shoulders.  Long heralded as the last chance to go wild before your wedding night, these special occasions require superlative everything – the most drinks, the biggest fun, and the craziest extras.  Many people just buy big packs of costume hats and printed t-shirts and stop there.  If you want to go the extra mile for your future bride or groom, then one thing you should really consider is a party bus hire.  They're the party industry's best-kept secret for a wild night out.  Here's why. 

Everybody Drinks

There's no designated driver.  No messing around trying to organise taxis for the entire group, forced to work out who lives closest to who and how much each individual car will cost.  You all get picked up from the same rendezvous spot, and you're all driven around together for the rest of the night.  Nobody's forced to hold out and be sensible – although somebody really ought to watch the future bride or groom and make sure they're not too messed up for the big day!

Party Starts Earlier

Say 'no' to pre-drinks at home in somebody's cramped living room.  Instead, pre-drink on the bus on the way out... or do both, if you're really going for it.  Either way, having that extra time to relax and start partying before you've even arrived at the first bar is a real bonus.  Plus, your driver will be a professional – not like being driven out by a friend who's prone to getting distracted during the third round of car karaoke.

Safe and Comfy Travel Home

However wild the night gets, you'll know there's a comfortable bus waiting for you.  As soon as you're all ready to tap out, you can climb straight on and start heading home.  You don't need to stand on the street trying to flag down a taxi – or several of them, as stated earlier.  In fact, you can even fall asleep on the bus if you choose to, especially if you've chosen to go out and party a fair distance from your hometown.  It's nice to get a headstart on your sleep like that after a big night!  At least then nobody's going to be yawning during the ceremony.  (Maybe.)

In short, having a party bus is not just a convenience.  It's the kind of detail that can really make a night, freeing everybody up to relax and have a good time without worrying about the responsibility of driving.  That's the kind of buck or hen night your friend deserves.  Right?