Travel and Tourism: Finding the Perfect Place to Stay
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Travel and Tourism: Finding the Perfect Place to Stay

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Travel and Tourism: Finding the Perfect Place to Stay

Improvement Advice that you will get from Hotel Brokers before Selling Your Pub

Lawrence Johnston

You own a pub in Melbourne and you are looking forward to selling it. One of the people that you will have to seek advice from are the hotel brokers. Before selling your property, you will need to make a few improvements that will attract various prospective buyers. Here are some of the advice that you will definitely get from hotel brokers that may make your pub more valuable for sale.

Consider Putting up a Rooftop Lounge

Before you advertise your pub for sale online or use print media, you can be sure that the hotel brokers will advise you to set up a rooftop lounge in case you do not already have one. If your pub has flat, excess roof space, then this will be eligible for conversion into a rooftop bar or lounge. In the event that your pub is located in an area with good view, then this is one of the improvements that will likely be recommended to you. For most people, enjoying a favourite drink and at the same time having a good view of the location is a good thing. The hotel brokers will also advise that you get fire pits to cater for the chillier nights on the rooftop lounge. 

Setting up a Poolside Bar

You may have an outdoor pool next to your pub, but have you considered how best to make more money from it? One of the improvements that hotel brokers will offer is to set up a poolside bar as a way of making good use of outdoor space that you may have. Ensure that you give the prospective buyer of your pub reasons enough not to consider buying other properties. Indeed, if you have a bar by the pool, the guests will be able to enjoy their cocktail by the pool, which will be a great selling point. You can even serve foodstuffs such as burgers and sandwiches. Some hotel brokers will recommend installing a swim-up bar.

Consider Having Patios

When the outdoor space for the pub is on ground level, you can consider building a patio before selling it. To boost the chances of getting a customer fast enough, you can set up comfortable seats that allow for easy access to the pub. In fact, most buyers will consider patios, as they are at least easy to maintain and are appealing to most people.

Before considering your pub for sale, ensure that you get hotel brokers to offer you the best advice.