Travel and Tourism: Finding the Perfect Place to Stay
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Travel and Tourism: Finding the Perfect Place to Stay

If you are planning your next trip, you will want to make sure that you book the perfect place to stay. My name is Ben and this is my travel and tourism blog. In the past, I have often booked the holiday accommodation which was offered to me when I searched online. However, when I planned a holiday with my brother Brian, he recommended that I use a travel company. The company specialise in finding accommodation which perfectly suits their customer's needs. I was really impressed with the accommodation which was offered to me so I decided to start this blog.


Travel and Tourism: Finding the Perfect Place to Stay

Choosing The Right Type of Ammo For Your Hunting Holiday

Lawrence Johnston

If you have recently purchased a rifle and plan to take it out on a hunting holiday, you may be wondering about the different types of ammunition which are available. There is a wide range of different types of ammo on the market which is designed for different calibre weapons. Once you have established the correct size of ammunition for your weapon, you can then choose from 4 basic types of ammo.

Full Metal Jacket

As well as being the title of a classic Stanley Kubrick film about the Vietnam War, the term full metal jacket also refers to a type of ammunition. The bullet of a full metal jacket round is made by covering a soft lead core in an outer jacket, which typically consists of copper alloy. The metal jacket allows the bullet to achieve increased velocity as it travels along the barrel of the rifle and exits the muzzle. Because full metal jacket ammo is widely available, it tends to be the cheapest option. However, while this is a great choice if you are heading out on a general hunting trip and if you plan to target shoot at a distance during your holiday, this type of ammo is not the most accurate.

Soft and Hollow Point 

A soft point round is made of lead which is covered in metal in the same way as a full metal jacket round. However, the tip (or point) of the bullet is not covered. When the bullet strikes a target, the soft lead at the point of the bullet compresses and expands providing increased penetration of the target. Hallow point bullets take this idea a step further. As the name suggests, the tip of a hollow point bullet is completely hollow. When a hollow point bullet strikes a target, the hollow point collapses and rapidly expands outwards like the leaves of a flower. The bullet will then break up and pass through the target causing maximum internal damage. Hollow point rounds are ideal if you plan to travel abroad to Africa to hunt large animals such as elephants and rhino as you will need a round which has a massive amount of stopping power.


Tracer rounds feature a small amount of phosphorus material on the rear of the bullet. When the trigger is pulled, and the firing pin hits the detonator at the rear of the round, this ignites the phosphorus material as the bullet is fired out of the gun. The result is a glowing light which can be seen as the round moves down range. Tracer rounds are ideal if you will be shooting in low-light conditions during your trip, as they help you to see where your shots are landing.

For more information about the best type of ammo for your hunting vacation, you should contact a travel company or gun shops that specialise in shooting trips.