Travel and Tourism: Finding the Perfect Place to Stay
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Travel and Tourism: Finding the Perfect Place to Stay

If you are planning your next trip, you will want to make sure that you book the perfect place to stay. My name is Ben and this is my travel and tourism blog. In the past, I have often booked the holiday accommodation which was offered to me when I searched online. However, when I planned a holiday with my brother Brian, he recommended that I use a travel company. The company specialise in finding accommodation which perfectly suits their customer's needs. I was really impressed with the accommodation which was offered to me so I decided to start this blog.


Travel and Tourism: Finding the Perfect Place to Stay

  • Two things to consider when booking accommodation for a long-term stay in a new town or city

    3 December 2017

    If you are planning to visit a new town or city for more than a few months, here are two things you should consider when the time comes to book your accommodation: Your budget If you have a limited amount of funds for your trip, you will need to ensure that you choose accommodation that you can comfortably afford. Generally speaking, long-term rental apartments are less expensive than hotels. Choosing to stay in a long-term accommodation of this kind can also help to keep your food bills low, as you will have access to cooking facilities that will enable you to prepare your own cheap-and-cheerful meals with ingredients bought from local supermarkets.

  • Improvement Advice that you will get from Hotel Brokers before Selling Your Pub

    2 November 2017

    You own a pub in Melbourne and you are looking forward to selling it. One of the people that you will have to seek advice from are the hotel brokers. Before selling your property, you will need to make a few improvements that will attract various prospective buyers. Here are some of the advice that you will definitely get from hotel brokers that may make your pub more valuable for sale.